About Jack

Hey, My Name is Jack.

I am a software developer by profession and a hiker by choice.

I love being alone in the wild with my stuff. I have been hiking since my childhood with my father. He has taught me a lot while hiking.

He taught me real values about life, survival, and peace of mind.

However, he is no more with me and I miss him every day. I try to follow my father’s principles and everything. I feel he is there with me every day and guide me in every aspect.

I have been to various jungles in the world. I stayed in the Amazon, African Jungles, and Indian jungles.

While hiking, I always need some kind of power and light. Earlier, I have been using wood to light up my stove and cook my food.

Then I thought of switching to solar and it has provided me with immensely good results. Earlier, I used to worry if my stove would bring fire in the jungle. With solar, this has been lifted. Now, I can enjoy my food without any worry.

With the solar light, I can enjoy power anytime and any day.

This blog is all about my experience with solar lights and solar power backup.

I hope you will like my blog and life experience.