You are looking for best solar lighting for outdoors. But couldn’t find a perfect match to cater your need.
These days solar lightning is on rise. With so much option available, these lights have become more compact, affordable and readily available.
I am a big fan of outdoor solar light for the simple fact that it does not require any wire. The cost of light is free as well.
After much of trials, I have finally installed some lights in my garden to embrace it’s beauty.
To ensure that you do not go through same pain of trials and errors, I have listed 10 best solar lights that you can use outside in your backyard, driveways, walkways, etc.
H2 – best solar lighting for outdoors
Solar lights have come a long way from a dim, not so useful light to being professional usable light.
Some of the top rated solar lights are as below:-
1. Maggift Solar Pathway Lights

If you are looking to glow your pathways or driveways then this could be a good match for you.
This comes with a 6-piece LED lights. The light may take 6 -8 hrs of good sun exposure to charge fully. A single charge can give you up to 10 hrs of light.
It comes with a 500 mAh rechargeable battery to give you 6 lumen of light. This illumination of light is sufficient lasting night impression of your outdoor living. The light will automatically switch –on and off depending upon day and night.
The light can work in almost all weather being it snow, wind, rain, etc. You just need to clear the solar panel free from dirt, debris or snow.
The light is easy to install in ground with a simple push.
Note – Make sure the ground is soft. You can use water to make it soft.
If you want 12 pieces of same light, check this on Amazon.

2. GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights

Gigalumi is a major name in solar portable lights.
It comes with 8 packs of solar lights which gives 8 lumen of illumination. The 8 lumen with 8 lights are sufficient to give a glow to your backyard, driveway, walkway and sidebars. This means you can use this light in pretty much everywhere.
Each pair of light can take upto 6 hrs of sunlight to charge while working for 6-8 hrs. These light do come with automatic on – off sensors. In daytime, the light will be off automatically, while in night time light switches on automatically.
This releases the tension of switching on and off the light again and again.
The light is made to withstand rough climate like rains, winters, snowfall, etc.
The company gives you a 60 day free replacements warranty.
3. LITOM Solar Landscape Spotlights

If you want slight brighter light then Litom spotlights are best for you.
Each solar spotlight has 12 LEDs with 600 lumens and 120 degree wider light. The high illumination and wider angle make the light a perfect match for your gardens, porch, Walkway and pool.
Litom spotlight has 2 modes – Low Light Mode (12hrs) and High Light Mode (6hrs). The Litom light can automatically detect the change in brightness. And will change into required setting automatically.
The spotlight has sensors to automatically switch –on and off the light.
The pack consist of 4-LED spotlight with installation option. You can either fix the light into ground with stakes or mount on the wall with screws.
4. Stainless Steel Outdoor Solar Lights

Due to their economic design and modern technology, this solar light is good match for price, design and looks.
The whole pack comes with 12 lights can illuminate your pathways, yards and driveways. Lights are weather proof with IP44 waterproof grade. So, you don’t have to worry about light in snow or rainy season.
The light is wireless and easy to install. You need to apply some pressure in loose soil and you are all set.
The light can give you 6-8 hrs of light on 6-8hrs of sunlight charge.
The switching of light is automatically. It means you don’t need to switch-on or switch the light in day or night time.
5. Solar Ground Lights

Are you planning to install solar light install in ground?
This is one light that you can install in ground to light up your garden, walkways or sidewalks.
The pack consists of 12 pieces of ground light. Each light has 8 LEDs that can your outdoors.
It has 600 mAh rechargeable batteries which can illuminate for 6-8 hrs on a full recharge.
The light can automatically switch-off in daytime and switch-on in night.
6. Solar Ground Lights by BOMSI

There is another great ground light. The pack has 8 pieces of ground like in it. The product is also well priced.
The ground light comes with automatic sensors which can turn on light in darkness. It can light up to 8-10 hrs when fully charged and takes up to 6-12 hrs to charge in a sunny day.
Each ground light has 8 LED lights that can disperse 80 lumens of light. This could be an ideal deal to lights up your driveway, pathways, garden, terraces, etc.
It will create a beautiful scene for night view.
7. LITOM Motion Sensor Solar Lights

This could be a good fit for your gar
This motion senor solar LED light could be used as a security light for front door, yard or porch, etc.
LITOM solar led light detects motion as far as 26feet (8m) at up to 120° angle. It charges during daytime and enters motion detection mode automatically to illuminate at night. This illumination last for 30 seconds and activates on every human detection.
Litom LED solar light is IP67 waterproof level which can still work soaking 1-meter of water for 30 minutes. It is also heat resistant as well as frost resistant.
Litom light comes with a mounting template for drilling holes. Just drill the holes through the template and you are good to go. It does not require any key pin or wire.
It comes with 2 pieces of light.
This light comes with 3 modes:-
I. High Light Mode – The solar light will be off in darkness until motion sensor detects motion. When motion is detected, lights will come up at full brightness.
II. Dim Light Sensor Mode – In this mode, the light auto lights up in dim mode and turns into full brightness when motion detected.
III. Permanent – On Mode – Auto turns on at night and stay all night with medium brightness.
8. LITOM Motion Sensor Solar Lights 4 Packs

Do you like to have small and more lights with almost same price?
This light from Litom comes with 4 pieces of motion sensor lights.
It has the same 270 degree wide range to cover any movement. The illumination range of one wireless motion sensor lights outdoor can reach 200 square feet.
LITOM Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor absorbs and converts sunlight into electricity and stores in daytime. It has same 30 sec of illumination duration if motion is detected during night time.
This light has 3 modes: highlight sensor mode, dim light sensor mode, and medium light stay-on mode, to accord with different lighting needs. Better than those just one sensor mode
LITOM develops its own PIR sensor for the solar motion sensor light which sensing range and sensitivity are both 20 percent higher than general LED lights, bringing ultimate using experience.
9. LITOM 120 LED Solar Lights Outdoor

Litom has variety of options to choose from satisfying everyone needs.
This light has 120 LED with each piece of solar light providing extra brightness and more visible area.
The solar lights enter motion detection mode automatically to illuminate at night and light up for 30s when motion detected at night. It will prolong every time automatically when detecting movement during its illumination.
The solar motion security light comes with a fixed buckle for hanging up and you can easily take the light off to install wherever you want.
There are 3 lighting modes of solar light to meet your different needs. When there someone comes, the light will detect and gradually brighten and extinguish, giving a comfortable lighting experience.