Are you seeking for the best portable solar lights?

If yes, then this article will be helpful for you to solve all your queries about solar light.

Often times, when we go outdoor for camping, trekking, etc. a portable and good light is a must go on. A solar-powered LED light could be an answer to this.

But how do you know a solar-powered LED light is good for you and doesn’t cost heavy on your pocket.

Step To Choose Portable Solar Lights

Before diving into the step of getting a light, let’s see the other aspects of this.

What is Solar Light?

Solar lighting is a new and advanced technology that is used both indoors as well as outdoor lighting. It uses the power of the sun (sunlight) to generate energy. Scientists are focusing on this type of renewable energy to generate more and more power electricity.

Renewable energy is one that can never be exhausted.

You can often hear about electricity plants based on this type of energy.

How Does Solar Power Works

The understanding of solar light is quite simple to understand.

The main component is photovoltaic panel (PV Panel) which collects solar energy from sunlight. The energy so produced is turned into electric energy which is stored in batteries (usually rechargeable battery).

When sun goes down, you can turn on the lights.

But remember to put this light where there is direct sunlight.

In addition to PV Panel, many of the modern solar light use a controller which automatically switches on the led light when there is less sunlight.

Types of Solar Light

Solar lighting technologies have quite evolved over the past few years and when searching for them you will definitely many types of power system. To list them, here are few of them.

  1. Flood Light
  2. Spotlight
  3. Lanterns
  4. Lamp-post
  5. Motion light
  6. Pathway lighting
  7. Portable lights

This list will stretch on and on. The above list is the main type of lighting that you could see.

Essential Components of Solar-Powered Light – H3
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What are the benefits of Solar Light?

If you want to have not used solar lighting earlier in your life, then there must be lost of questions coming to your mind about the actual benefits of solar light.

To help you clear your mind, I have listed some of great advantages of using this light: –

  1. Environmental Friendly – Without a second thought, this is a renewable source of energy which can never to exhaust. It is also very helpful in reducing the carbon footprint from our planet. With using this lighting we can reduce the global warming effects caused by factories and manufacturing sectors. By slowly moving to solar light and any other renewable source of energy, we can reduce the rate of exhaustion of our planet’s resources.
  2. Cost-effectiveness – Although it might seem a bit costly at first, but doing the right maths, you could see that it way less cheaper in long run. It doesn’t require you to pay monthly bills. Just once bought and you are done.
  3. Little Maintenance – When it comes to maintain the sunlight light, you don’t need to pay heavy on its maintenance. This kind of lighting is actually one of the easiest things to maintain. You don’t’ need to replace the wire or install an outlet for power. So, you can enjoy free electricity lifelong.
  4. Unlimited Source – Sunlight is an inexhaustible source of energy. As long as sunlight is there, we have an unlimited and free source of energy.
  5. Wide range of styles – Solar lighting now comes in a wide range of options to fit each and every individual need. It is available from pocket-sized lighting to as big as your rooftop.
  6. No Electric Wire Needed – Traditional lighting system requires power cables to be transmitted to a different location. This becomes a headache when your cable get broke especially in bad weather.
    But this is not the case with solar light, as the electricity is produced within your home comfort.
    There are also some small sizes light that you can carry to get you an uninterrupted supply of power.
  7. Good Option In Bad Times – Suppose you are on trekking with friends and suddenly your power generator is run out of fuel, what you will do.

In this case, a better option could be a solar power light. When charged full, it can last several hours.

Important thing is that you don’t need to carry extra heavy bottles of fuel.

Features To Consider Before Buying Best Solar Lights

Till now, you must be familiar with solar power or energy from the sun. And might be willing to buy a light.
But before you place your order, you must check other aspects of important aspects of these lights.

1. Function

This is one of the most important aspects before buying a solar light. The more function, more will be price. A Street light will cost more when compared to garden light.

You can also get a solar light with motion sensor for your home.
But for trekking, a simple portable light will do most of the work for lighting. You can also have a best solar generator for your outdoor adventures.

2. Lighting Effects

When you see in the market, these types of light uses bright LED light, which uses less energy and can last very longer. LED lights are good in the wild and produces bright white shade to show your path.

If in case you look for incandescent light, seek light with tinted covers. In market, they are labeled as amber glow or soft white lights.

3. Brightness

Majority of the solar light uses LED light whose brightness is measured in lumens. In general, more the lumen, brighter will be the light.

The lumen (output of light) depends upon model that you are going to purchase. Some models produce only 15 -35 lumens, giving a soft light, whereas other produces about 700-800 lumens of output.

A brighter light is ideal for trekking, adventure trips, and in the wild. They can also be used in security purpose like – pathways, driveways and walkways.

4. Battery Type and Capacity

Battery plays a very important role with solar lights, as energy is stored in the battery for future use.

Higher the battery power, the more lasting will be the lights. In most cases, you will be provided with Lithium-ion battery, which is good battery itself.

Not only the battery power you must also check the type of battery provided. Check this link of more information on type of battery.


Portable solar lights are a good option when you are looking to go out on adventure trips. You don’t have to carry extra luggage of gas to fuel your generator. A small tiny light will do all the things for you.

It is also a benefit for our environment as well. You can above suggested tips and choose best suitable portable solar led lights.

I hope this article has helped you to choose a light for yourself.

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.