Portable solar light is becoming one of the important tools for campers these days.

These light sources add feasibility, ease and comfortability. A camper doesn’t need to carry fuel tanks in the wild. A solar light can be charged by just sun energy which is free in the wild.

But the question comes – should you trust solar lights? Is it worth your price? Or should you take off all your normal light?

You will find answer to these questions in this article. With above those questions, you will find answer to few common questions.

Who Should Choose Portable Solar Power Source?

Portable Solar Power Source is one thing that is not ideal for everyone.
Take this as an example – Is solar light suitable for person in staying at home all the time. Or For a person whose life is just revolves from office to home? Or For a person staying is North or South Pole?
The answer to these question is – No.
For these persons this kind of solar light is not suitable.
Who should choose solar lights?
A solar portable light is best for camper or can be used in case of power fail.
These lights gives camper the freedom to live the life they want in wild. They don’t have to think about running out of fuel. A sun light is readily available in the wild. These campers can charge the light in the day and they are free to move anywhere.
Solar power will be suitable in another instance.
In case of major power failure throughout the country. These powers cut may occur due to major electrical faults or in case of hurricanes or many other. Here is the list of 13 worst power failure (https://blog.ucsusa.org/mike-jacobs/2003-northeast-blackout-and-13-of-the-largest-power-outages-in-history-199) in USA. These are some major power failure in the history of USA where have to stay without electricity for weeks. It is impossible to know when the next power outrage will occur. Keeping a solar power light will not hurt.
H3 – Benefits of Solar Light For Campers Or Nature’s Lovers
Outdoor tour or camping is great way to enjoy mother’s nature beauty. I feel very connected to raw nature during this time away from city crowd, in total silence. No one will disturb you, no tension for project deadlines, and no worry of Monday.
But what will you do after all the sunlight is disappeared. If you like the idea of saving few bucks on batteries or fuel then a solar lamp is better for you.
When camping maintaining the visibility after sunset was a challenge few years back. I used to carry old fashioned campfire or gas lantern to keep things bright. However safety and convenience are concerned, they are not a good choice.
Then came the battery powered lanterns. Though they are better option than gas lantern but have their own drawback. They could be heavy and if batteries die in the woods, you will be living in the darkness.
Thankfully lanterns have gone a long way and we have got a better option with LEDs (https://www.energy.gov/energysaver/save-electricity-and-fuel/lighting-choices-save-you-money/led-lighting) and more efficient compact solar panels. With no gas or batteries to replace, today’s solar power has become more efficient and environmental friendly.
Top 5 Advantages Of Having Solar Power Light Is As Below:-
1. Environmental Friendly – Gas lantern releases harmful pollutant in the air. They are run by liquid-fuel and generate harmful air. With Solar Powered Light this is not the case.
2. Cost Effective – Buying a solar power light is just a onetime investment. You can enjoy with this solar light in the years to come.
3. Silent – I like to have a quite time in woods. With gas lantern this is not possible. But these solar-powered lights do not produce noise at all. I can enjoy sound of mother’s nature peacefully.
4. Safer – Sun – powered lights are safer then it’s counterpart gas lantern. Gas Lantern is combustible and produces a lot of heat as a by-product. This makes gas lantern prone to fire hazard in the wild. However solar lantern uses LED and does not generate much heat that makes solar lights a safer option.
5. Light Weight – Sun-Powered lights are compact and light weight. With battery powered light you have to carry batteries separately. While with gas lantern, you have to carry fuel. These things make luggage a bit heavier.
H3 – FAQ
Here are few questions to clear your doubts about solar power.
1. Do solar panels work with moonlight?

H3 – Final Thoughts
Solar light comes with lots of advantages for campers. They are light, low cost, silent and safer. Sun-powered light could be a perfect for people loving hiking.

Solar Lanterns: Everything You Need To Know