Solar rechargeable camping lanterns are great ways to live a tension free life on camp. You don’t need to carry battery or fuel tanks to lighten the camp.

I am a great fan of solar equipments. Whenever on camping, I make sure that a solar light is in my bag pack. The main advantage of using a solar lantern or light is that I don’t need to carry any luggage. You can check this article (benefits of solar light) of know more advantages of solar light.

In this article, I have covered 10 best solar rechargeable led camping lanterns light. These solar lanterns don’t need much time in the sun to recharge and provides ample time of light.

Solar rechargeable camping lantern you must check – H2

1. LuminAID PackLite

This solar lamp has massive 4000mAH battery which can give you upto 100 hours of light on a single charge. It takes approx. 20-30 hours to charge fully on direct sunlight.
This solar lantern could be good option for people who like to have days in wild.

This lantern comes with a unique option to charge your cell phone. That’s why is called a 2-in-1 solar lantern.

It has also has 2 charging option – Solar and USB. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to charge via USB.

2. Goal Zero Crush

Goal Zero is a reputed company in solar equipment.

When you want something cheap, compact, reliable and simple then this Goal Zero Crush solar lantern is for you.

It comes with a lithium battery which can give a runtime of 35 hours on low setting. It can be collapsed making it easy to carry anywhere.

It takes upto 3 hours to charge via USB. The solar lantern has 4 different mode of light. You can change the setting to high, medium, low and flicker.

You can simply hang it in your tent area to give a nice ambience.

3. SUAOKI Led Camping Lantern Lights

The SUAOKI Led Camping Lantern Lights offers versatility as it can be charged via solar or USB. This makes it a good for camping, traveling, fishing or late night book reading.

It is collapsible and can be made to any size that fits your needs. When folded completely, the light is compact to fit in your palm.

It comes with 3 modes – Low, High and SOS flashing (for live saving emergency). It can also be used as an emergency mobile charger.

This lantern has 800mAh Lithium ion battery. On low mode, it can light up to 10 hours and 5 hours of high mode.

One of my friends, Dana has been using it from last 3 years. It is still doing great.

4. MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0
Simplicity is the thing I like in this lantern. This lantern has rugged design for outdoor activities.

It can be charged in 7 hours in direct sunlight to produce light up to 18 hours. It has 10 powerful LED light. You can switch between its 4 mode – low, bright, super bright and flashing depending upon your need.

5. TANSOREN LED Camping Lantern

This is a good and solid lantern with many unique features.

It has 3 power supply options:-

I. Solar Panel
II. USB Charging
III. 3 AA batteries

You can charge batteries via placing them in direct sunlight. It also has the option to plug-in USB to charge the lantern. The other option is quite unique as it allows using normal 3 AA batteries to light it.

This solar light can be used as an emergency backup android mobile charger.

It takes 6-8 hours to charge to give light upto 8 hours.

6. Odoland USB Rechargeable Solar Lantern

The lantern has received many positive reviews thanks to cool design and valuable integrated features.

You are provided with 2 charging option – USB and Solar Panel. It has multiple brightness modes to get you started. The cold white emit 150 lumen and can last upto 5 hours. The high warm light emits upto 90 lumens and can last upto 7 hours. While low warm white mode emits 20 lumens that lasts 20 hours.

It is collapsible and can be adjusted to any space to meet your requirements. You can easily fit the lantern in your backpack.

7. Kizen LED Camping Lantern

Kizen is good lantern compact lantern that uses solar energy to get charged. For faster charge it has USB charging options as well.

Kizen Solar Lantern allows you to compress the equipment to make it more compact while charging the battery during day time.

To get started this LED solar lantern features 3 modes – High, Low and SOS.

Besides acting as an LED light, you can also use it as an emergency power bank to charge your mobile phones. When the LED light is folded, it can also be used as an Flashlight.

Finally, the LED light is fully waterproof making it perfect fit for sailing or fishing activities.

8. SUAOKI Collapsible Led Camping Lantern

SUAOKI Collapsible Led Camping Lantern is very unique in design.

The camping light has 18 LED lights. This lantern has 680 mAh lithium ion batteries providing light upto 4 hours. It has be charged in turbo mode via using

You can choose from 3 modes – High, Low and SOS depending upon your need. SOS blinking is a good add –on on case of any emergencies. These variations of light are suitable for outdoor activities like – fishing, camping or hiking.

The lantern has a hook making it suitable to hang it in any corner of tent.

9. D.Light S500 Solar Lantern

The design is rugged to withstand any harsh climate.

It’s 4 different modes allow to switch the light depending upon mood either bed time, high, medium or low.

It has a lithium-ion battery which can last more than 100 hours.

The solar panel is great for attaching to the backpack while your trek. The device is automatically adjusted to lower light setting when only 2 hours of light is left.

One interesting thing is that company offer 2-years of warranty with every purchase.

10. AIDIER Solar Camping Light

This product is a bit versatile considering it’s size. It has a solar panel which gives full charge lasting upto 120 hours after single charge.

It can also serve as power bank charging your mobile phone in emergency.

One interesting feature of this device is magnetic surface. You can attach it iron surface and enjoy the light.

You can even charge the device before you go and be assured of several days’ battery life.